What are ready brands?

Ready brands are brands assets that have been created by our award winning brand strategists and designers and may include unique brand or service names, premium domain addresses, logo designs, brand identities and websites.

The brand names and domains are all unique and available for instant purchase. Simply buy and start implementing your brand.

The logo designs included, unless otherwise stated in the products themselves, are based on design templates. If you require a custom logo design created, please reach out to us.

When I buy a brand, will anyone else be able to buy it again?

No. Once you buy a brand from ReadyBrands™, you own 100% of the copyrights to the brand assets and can do with them as you see fit.

Any ready brand purchased will be removed from the website and no one else will be able to buy them after that.

How will I receive the brand assets once I buy the brand?

Once you buy a brand from our Ready Brand Store:

  • we will give you a download link to the source files of the logo or other design assets
  • we will send you a copyright transfer document of the brand name
  • we will transfer the domain over to you
  • if you have purchased a ready made website, we will give you the website files and even help you upload them to your hosting servers

How are these brands created?

We work with some of the top brands and ventures out there creating awesome brand names, brand identities, websites and more. During the project development, for instance in the case of a brand name, we come up with up to 6 different unique brand name choices based on 100s of hours of research, brainstorming and creativity. We do not, however, charge our custom clients the rates that take into account all these choices and the time and effort that goes into creating them.

The client selects one of the options and our brand agency retains copyrights to the reminder of the choices which we put up for sale so that entrepreneurs who are pressed for time or have limited budget and can not afford to work on custom projects with an agency such as ours, can buy a brand choice that may fit their brand vision like a glove!

It is a win-win for all parties concerned.

What about trademarks and copyrights to these brands?

In all cases of brand names, we ensure they are unique and have not been trademarked – as can be ascertained by a simple USPTO trademark search.

The domain addresses that come with the brands for sale are fully owned by SpellBrand® and we will transfer over the domain to the buyer after purchase. In rare cases where we may have registered the domain recently, then we will initiate the transfer after the holding period imposed by the domain registrar.

As for the logo designs and brand identities, in most cases, we use templates to give a visual meaning to the brand. These can be used as they are or we can help tweak them slightly. However, we can not transfer over the copyrights to the logos since they are based on templates and as such these can not be trademarked.

We can, however, create a custom logo design that can be trademarked by you, as a separate service.

Some of the ready brands come with websites and these too are created from customized templates which we can help tweak to the buyer’s specification for an additional fee.

Can we use the brand story shown on the brand page?

For most ready brands, we propose or suggest a brand story that the buyer is welcome to use as part of their brand strategy or marketing strategy.

We can also help the buyer develop and create a more elaborate brand, position or marketing strategy for their venture, as a separate service.

I see brands for sale from other vendors. Who are they?

ReadyBrands™ is a marketplace for premium brand names, domains, logos, websites and more. We invite, screen and vet 3rd party vendors who have premium ready brands for sale so they could sell them on our marketplace.

Since you are buying through ReadyBrands™ and not the vendor directly, you have a measure of safety and security regarding your transaction as well as the validity of the sale, the transfer of copyrights, source files, domain transfers etc. In short, we act as an Escrow.

A vendor has approached me to make payment outside ReadyBrands™. What is that about?

ReadyBrands™ has been developed to provide you with the safeguards necessary to conduct a secure transaction. UsingReadyBrands™ ensures that your payments are secure, your information is kept private and you will receive your files securely after the purchase. We cannot warrant the quality or authenticity of transactions which are proposed outside of the ReadyBrands™ marketplace.

If you receive a message like that from any of our vendors, please contact us right away and DO NOT make any payments. We can not be liable for any payment made outside ReadyBrands™ website.

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