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Domain Included: www.beautyric.com. An invented name that is also a portmanteau, or combination, of the words "Beauty" and "Terrific". A vibrant and brandable name, Beautyric sounds like terrific and elates…

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Domain Name: www.flairific.com. An experiential name based on the word "flair" to denote a special ability to do great things and the suffix "-ific" to mean causing or making of.

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Domain Included: www.aristora.com. Experiential name derived from the root "Aristocrat" to signify elite or regal and the suffix "ora" to signify of the world. A regal name that embodies the…

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Domain Included: www.cosmetio.com. Invented name from the root word "cosmetics" and using the suffix "-io" which means "a science named after its practitioner" and makes the brand an authority in…

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Domain Included: www.italific.com. Invented name suitable for an Italian restaurant, Italian blog, Italian Magazine, Italian Fashion Brand or any other Italian related venture or brand. It is derived from the…