Why should I sell my ready brands on ReadyBrands™?

ReadyBrands™ is a marketplace that is supported and promoted by the international brand agency, SpellBrand®. With over 17 years of experience in the branding sector and a reputation that is world class, your brands receive the kind of exposure they deserve.

We invest a lot of time, effort and resources in marketing our ReadyBrands™ website so that your brands are in front of the right kind of targeted traffic who are looking to buy ready brands.

Buyers would be more inclined to buy from an established brand such as ReadyBrands™ and this increases the chances of your brands being sold quickly and efficiently.

What can I sell on ReadyBrands™?

You can sell the following ready brands:

  • premium business and brand names
  • premium domain addresses
  • custom made logo designs & brand identities
  • custom or template based websites

What is the approval process?

We are very strict in terms of approving the items that can be sold on ReadyBrands™ marketplace. Every submission is carefully scrutinized by a SpellBrand® brand strategist for quality and authenticity.

For domains, we would require proof that you own the domain you are selling. For this we do a Whois check and will only accept domains whose ownership reflects the name of the vendor.

For logo designs, if you are claiming them to be original and custom made, we require that you upload the vector source files and also agree to sell them exclusively on ReadyBrands™.

How will I get paid for my brands that are sold?

We make payment via PAYPAL once we get confirmation from client that they are happy with the deliverables they have received including any vector source files, domain name transfer etc.

We act as an Escrow between you and the customers.

What are the costs to sell on ReadyBrands™?

It is FREE to list your brands on ReadyBrands™. We simply charge a flat commission of 20% on any sales you have on our marketplace.

We also have premium subscriptions which will enable you to highlight your brands in the marketplace so they receive more exposure and more chances of getting sold. The premium service is still being developed, so watch this space!